We at Nathan's, other than merchandising, provide repair and conversion services to existing locomotives with a view to either keeping them conventional, converting to delta using the digital modules using the universally common digital protocols of either Marklin Motorola/Systems, DCC or Selectrix. We usually attempt to disseminate relevant and meaningful information to potential customers. If we are unsure we try to secure customer requirements from the manufacturer.
Please feel free to call us, there is no obligation. We also stock ESU merchandise - ECoS, decoders, magnets, speakers etc.
Our usual service of locomotives includes stripping the locomotive of its housing and components, cleaning all the parts and air-dry them before re-assembly. Subsequently all the parts are re-assembled and a series of tests are conducted to the satisfaction of my guru and surgeon. Bernie prides in the quality of his service he provides. Our services are covered by a twelve- month warranty.
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