It is said that if you love Marklin you will join the Insider Club. Joining the Marklin Insider Club not only gets your hobby started on the right track, but provides an Insider with valuable product and technical information such as layout building, new product information, special collectable car offerings and access to books, videos and fun gift items.

Nathan's operates the Marklin Insider Club in Australia. We are aware that the Insider Club News format will be the same, while the Marklin Magazine will be also available in English in addition to German, French and Dutch.

From 2005 onwards Nathan's will collate all information in relation to existing and new members of the Marklin Insider Club and pass this information to Germany. The Cell Centre, operated by Marklin , after processing all relevant information will contact you directly. From then on most information will be provided direct to Insiders and members will have access to the Insider URL. To download current application form please go to the USA URL. Their address is:

TRIX Profi Club

The TRIX Profi Club is a Club for TRIX and MINITRIX enthusiasts and the club operates outside Germany.  The enrolment period for the Club takes place at the commencement of the calendar year. From 2005, like the Insider Club, Germany will operate this Club. Information will be provided on the manner in which enrolment will take place. To download application form please go to the TRIX Profi-Club address at

Marklin Insider/TRIX Profi Club Models - 2019

39320 V 320 Diesel Loco - the giant of the Allgau Line.

A massive 26.4 centimeters / 10-3/8 inches for your model railroad layout. The end view of road number V 320 001 also seems enormous. It was the largest, fastest, and most powerful diesel locomotive on the German Federal Railroad. All of the photographs show the first hand sample of this extremely huge model. The D 96 "Isar-Rhône" was one of its star trains. An impressive set at over 240 centimenters / 94 inches.
Two passenger car sets complement this loco - Express train passenger car sets 1 und 2 for the express train D 96 "Isar-Rhône" to go with this locomotive are also being offered under item numbers 43935 and 43385 exclusively only for Insider members.

Marklin Insider/TRIX Profi Club Models - 2018


Gauge H0 - Article No. 39650 Class 65.0 Steam Locomotive The Wish List Model for the Club Members The class 65.0 for the first time as an H0 model in the famous Märklin precision! Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class 65.0 passenger tank locomotive. Version with a feed water heater, ventilation installation on the roof, DB Reflex glass lamps, and shuttle train control. Road number 65 012. The locomotive looks as it did around 1965.


Ce 6/8 II | Gauge H0 - Article No. 39567

Class Ce 6/8 II "Crocodile" Electric Locomotive

Prototype: Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) class Ce 6/8 II "Crocodile" freight locomotive. Design from the first production series in the version as a switch engine with one pantograph, brakeman's platforms, brakeman's steps, older design buffers, and oil cooler housing. Fir green basic paint scheme. Locomotive road number 14282. The locomotive looks as it did at the end of the Sevnties.

Marklin HO Insider models for 2017

Every year the Insider Club releases special locomotives and cars for Club members that are produced by reservation only. These highly sought after collectibles are also available to all Märklin Insider Club members to purchase

For 2017 the Insider model is DB Class 103.1 product coded 39170 and the matching wagon set 43856 are available as a one-time series for Insider members.


A passenger car set to go with this locomotive is also available exclusively for Insider members under item number 43856.
Marklin Z-gauge Insider model for 2017

88803 V80 Diesel Loco

Model: The locomotive is completely new tooling as an Era III version with round metal buffers. The frame is constructed of metal/plastic. The body is made of plastic. The locomotive has enlarged buffer plates. All axles powered. The locomotive has the new generation motor and triple headlights with warm white LEDs that change over with the direction of travel. The wheel treads are dark nickel-plated. Engine cab details are modelled. Length over the buffers approximately 58 mm / 2-1/4".